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Hi!  I’m Lisa, a 47 year old who has never let age or expectations determine anything in my life.  I studied Philosophy at University and then went straight to Wall Street (as every philosopher does, no?).  I had a 20+ career in Finance, which conveniently ‘financed’ my wanderlust and allowed me to live in many places, but I decided to settle down in London because it felt most like home.  During my working life, I took a year off to travel solo around Europe, Asia, and Africa.  While in South Africa (I went on holiday and then stayed for six years) I worked on the launch of Elle magazine. I got married fashionably late at 40, had a gorgeous baby boy at 43, and then decided to trade the world of Finance for Fashion.

During my first year of being a mother, I neglected my style.  It wasn’t a priority…  Sleep, yes.  Style, no.  Once it became a priority again and I fell back in love with fashion, I realised that style is a language, and since I hadn’t spoken it in a while, I was rusty.  It took some time to get fluent again, but once I started talking style I couldn’t stop.  I now write for a fashion retailer, do freelance styling for individuals, and decided to start The Sequinist.

My personal style reflects my personality and my mood, as it should…  I’m mostly about strength and humour, so I gravitate towards strong shapes, bold colours, sparkling statement pieces, quirky accessories, and ladylike clothes without a trace of girlishness (no pink, no ruffles, no florals), but with plenty of shine and lots of sequins!  You’ll rarely find me in anything minimalist; I’m firmly in the More Is More Less Is A Bore camp.

For business enquiries, collaborative opportunities, or just to drop me a line to say Hi, email me at lisa@thesequinist(dot)com 

If you’d like to know more about my style, here are a few enjoyable interviews I’ve done recently:

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Mantra:  “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” Oscar Wilde


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