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Hi! I’m Lisa, a 50 year old who has never let expectations or age determine anything in my life. I studied Philosophy at University and then went straight to Wall Street (as every philosopher does, no?). I had a 20+ career in Finance, which conveniently ‘financed’ my wanderlust and allowed me to live in many countries. I decided to settle down in London because it felt most like home. In my late twenties, I took a year off to travel solo around Europe, Asia, and Africa. While in South Africa (I went on holiday, then got a job and stayed for six years) I worked on the launch of Elle magazine before returning to banking. I got married fashionably late at 40, had a gorgeous baby boy at 43, and then decided to trade the world of Finance for Fashion.

During my first year of being a mother, I neglected my style. It wasn’t a priority…  Sleep, yes. Style, no. Once it became a priority again, I realised that style is a language, and since I hadn’t spoken it in a while, I was rusty. It took some time to get fluent again, but once I started talking style I couldn’t stop. I now write for fashion retailers, a magazine, do freelance styling for individuals, and write my personal style blog, The Sequinist.

My style reflects my personality and my mood, as it should! I like strength, elegance, and humour, so I gravitate towards strong shapes, bold colours, sparkling statement pieces, quirky accessories, and ladylike clothes without a trace of girlishness (no pink, no ruffles, no florals), but with plenty of shine and sequins. You’ll rarely find me in anything minimalist; I’m firmly in the More Is More Less Is A Bore camp.

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Mantra:  “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” Oscar Wilde

Get in touch with me here-  lisa@thesequinist(dot)com

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