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Culottes and cherry blossoms

 culottes cherry blossoms

I recently jumped on the culotte bandwagon with this very loose, swingy, slightly shiny pair.  If I’m being honest, they’re an unflattering length on me (they hit my calf at exactly its widest point), but I doubt I’ll be wearing them for many seasons, so I probably won’t bother to have them hemmed (priorities, priorities).  To me, they have a Japanese samurai’s hakama pants vibe about them (see below photo) so I often wear them with this bell sleeved pearl sweater, which feels quite Japanese to me as well.

samurai cherry blossoms

Sticking with my Japanese theme, I wanted to photograph the culottes under some cherry blossoms, because I am all cinematic like that.  I wore them with some other pieces that are more my style than the culottes, namely this asymmetrical cashmere sweater.  I love asymmetry in clothing, and I’m always drawn to clothes like this (my husband never likes asymmetrical clothes; is this a man thing? or a French thing? I don’t know).

Lisa-March-84Culottes: Whistles Top: Michael Kors (old) cuff: Hermes Clutch: Devi Kroell Photography: Lottie Anderson

I figure if I’m wearing man-repelling culottes and a husband-repelling top, I may as well go three for three and wear some divisive shoes as well, so I put on my Yves Saint Laurent cage boots from 2010.  I loved them then, and I love them more now.  Lots of people don’t.

YSL cage boots


Lisa-March-95Gratuitous cherry blossom photo, because spring

What are your thoughts on culottes?  Is this a 70’s trend you can get into, or not?  I’m too *OCD to wear much of the 70’s stuff out this year, so culottes may be my sole investment in this trend.

*70’s suede: too hard to keep pristine; it always looks dirty.  70’s fringe: the tangling and twisting bothers me. I would be straightening and combing it all the time. 70’s silk chiffon: am I the only one who is a salad dressing splash magnet?  Too much stress.  No thank you, 1970s!

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  • Reply
    April 22, 2015 at 2:06 AM

    Honestly, I’m super on the fence when it comes to culottes. On one hand they look good on other people, you included, on the other hand they make my hips look wider and I think they hit me at a weird place–I can get them hemmed. My favorite 70s trend will always be platforms with suede coming in at a close second.

    BTW nominated you for a Liebster Award because your blog is awesome. http://greigemarket.com/2015/04/liebster-blog-award/


    • Reply
      April 22, 2015 at 9:04 AM

      Yeah, I’m still on the culottes fence myself. They aren’t flattering on many people (myself included!) but I bought them to wear with some big clunky man-repelling sandals this summer, and have ended up wearing them with other things that I didn’t expect to. I’m totally with you on the platforms, Anastasia…those I LOVE.

      Thank you for that nomination; that is SO kind of you xxx

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