Seven Strand gemstone-rainbow necklace


Tiered gemstone-coloured rainbow necklace made from Swarovski elements.  Seven rows of glorious colour and sparkle!

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This statement rainbow-crystal necklace has a few tones of blue, a few tones of green, a few tones of warm reds, and a few tones of purple, all in gemstone colours.  I love the versatility of this piece; it is just at home with a pair of jeans (thanks to the blues) as it is livening up a little black dress.  I can’t imagine many outfits this little rainbow wouldn’t improve!  Also available in either one strand, three strands, or five strands, if you would like something less bold but equally colourful and sparkly.   Send me an email as to which size you’d prefer and I’ll have one made for you.  This piece is hand-made in London out of  Swarovski elements crystals.


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