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The Case for Capes

cape sequinistCape: Maje (old)  Photo: Lottie Anderson

Look, capes appeared in earnest on the fashion landscape two winters ago, and they’re still with us.  They’ve shown surprising staying power for what most assumed was going to be a one-season wonder, and for practical reasons, I can see why they’re still around.  Here is my case for why a cape should be on your Style Bucket List (like a sequin skirt).

Capes are multi-seasonal.  The right cape can be thrown on over most outfits in Spring, Autumn, and Winter, depending on where you live.  I’ll make the assumption you live in a four-season-ish kind of place, not Alaska. Or the Seychelles.

Capes are cool; they let air circulate so that you aren’t uncomfortably hot wearing one in mild Spring and Autumn weather like you can be in a coat.  Who likes carrying around a coat when they’re hot?  No one!  Since you never know what the weather holds in store for you here in the British Isles, a cape is perfect most of the time.

Capes are also warm.  I’m packing serious heat in the photo above; not a gun, just layers of clothing. You can wear as many layers as you like under a cape and no one is the wiser.  If I took that cape off, you’d see I have on a grey tank top, a black long sleeve thermal tee shirt, a thin blue cashmere sweater, and a black sweater over all of it.  Basically, I look like I’m going camping under there, but you can’t see inside my tent cape.  Which leads me to my next point…

Capes cover a multitude of sins.  Whatever your issues with your body are, a cape covers almost all of them.  I wore this casual Fjallraven cape worn by reindeer-herders (see reindeer video at the bottom of the link!) all through the winter I was pregnant, and people had no idea I had a baby under there.  If I can hide a baby, you can hide whatever you want to hide.  The longer the cape, the more stuff you can hide up in there.

A cape is Stylish.  It gives you that extra something that a coat doesn’t.  A cape is mysterious. Is it retro? Is it modern? Is it schoolgirlish? Is it elegant? Is the wearer a super-hero?  Or a villain?  Those can’t-quite-put-your-finger-on-it styles are always my favourite.


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    January 19, 2015 at 7:44 PM

    I’ll add to your list of wearers: “French Lieutenant’s Woman”! 🙂

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